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1. vagabond.

2. fugitive; runaway.

3. a deserter; apostate; renegade; renegate.

Etymology: alteration of obsolete renegate, influenced by run and agate, “on the way”, from Middle English, from Mediaeval Latin renegātus.

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Heavenly library

Today I visited the medieval library at Merton College, Oxford as a guest of the Fellow Librarian. It is the UK’s oldest library that was designed to be used by scholars, and it has been functioning as such since its construction in the 1370s. You enter the library at the ground level through a massive door. Going up the stairs you reach the upper floor, where the books are stored. It is sensational to walk among the rows of book cases in the half-lit room. Their shelves are filled with hundreds of early-modern books (many still fitted in their original bindings), which are patiently waiting until someone will touch them again. Heavy benches hoovering over wooden floors are a reminder that this room was once filled with scholars leaning over their books, trying to catch the last light of the day. In the middle of the library a heavy 13th-century book chest is found, next to a small collection of shiny 14th-century astrolabes. What a heavenly place.

Pics (my own): library, book cases, consultation bench, book chest (13th century), stained-glass window (medieval), and entrance. More information about the library on Merton College’s website (here) and also here; more on Merton College, which dates from the 13th-century, here.

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i am crazy and cracked, there’s something wrong with me.

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Inner courtyard at Dracula’s Castle in Bran / Romania (by Laurentiu Mitu).


Inner courtyard at Dracula’s Castle in Bran / Romania (by ).

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Arizona Raven by xXxDark-RavenxXx

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